Five reasons why incentivising the sales channel works

Consenna recently announced a new partnership with AMD, the US multinational, to allow customers to try its Ryzen™ processor-powered devices before they buy. Incentivised sales as a technique is not new. Examples range from changing broadband provider or power utility, to goods such as mobile phones, fridges and washing machines. But in the multi-million pounds […]

Welcome to Catalyst v2 – smarter, quicker sales enablement from Consenna

At Consenna we are all about sales enablement. We help unlock the IT sales process, providing rapid and efficient access to cutting-edge technology. Our platforms have transformed reseller relations and contributed to a significant increase in new business wins. We achieve this through our hugely successful solutions and technology-based email marketing tools and technology channel […]

International tech leader joins global partner services agency Consenna

Consenna, the leading services agency that works with global technology brands to drive sales through their channel partners, has announced the appointment of Charles Quinn as Non-Executive Director as the Scottish business accelerates its growth plans. Charles is a respected business leader and brings over 20 years senior executive leadership experience at some of the […]

Channel-led education programme kicks off for second year

A year after launching its new IT trade-in programme for schools, MATs and colleges in England, Scotland and Wales, HP has announced that Brighter Futures has returned, bigger and better, for a second year.  Delivered in partnership with 40 of HP’s key reseller partners, the programme is again being delivered by Consenna, which has unrivalled […]

Does the IT industry need to do more with less in 2023?

Paul Thompson, Consenna There is a global recession and downturn. This is having a knock-on effect in the IT industry to jobs, investment levels and costs. Return on investment is going to be more important in 2023 than ever before. I believe this is going to be the year of ‘doing more with less.’ Costs […]

A bygone term for a bygone era

“The channel” – Whether you’re a vendor, a distributor, a reseller or, like us at Consenna working with all those partners, we all speak of THE channel with an understanding of what it is. We all use the term on numerous occasions daily, most probably without a second thought. But take a minute to consider […]

Successful project management in the IT channel – biggest isn’t always best

“Successful project management” – it’s a topic that many experts have written about, and Amazon sells countless ‘how to’ style guides on. The recipe for success in any given project is likely to be nuanced by the scope of that project and the sector in which it’s being delivered, however factors relating to being delivered […]

Driving sales, efficiency and greater value in IT sales: the power of guided selling

Life is busy. The modern world bombards us with eye-watering levels of information and data 24-7, but unless you’re blessed with a photographic memory, it’s unlikely that you’re able to readily recall it all, or even recall the appropriate snippets of information at the necessary points in time.   alongside the M4 where an army […]

Think testing is a job only for geeks? Think again!

It’s fair to say there have been times when I’ve introduced myself as a QA Tester and I’ve been met with slightly blank stares or comments likening my role to that of the Channel 4 sitcom, The IT Crowd.   Well, rest assured, I am not hidden away in the basement, nor am I a […]

Make the ogre laugh, make the donkey sing

If I were to say ‘Make the ogre laugh, make the donkey sing’ would you look at me blankly and cautiously move away for fear of being too near the weird guy in the office? Or would you smile knowingly and strike up a movie buff’s conversation?.   If you’re in the former group, then […]

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