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At Consenna we are all about sales enablement. We help unlock the IT sales process, providing rapid and efficient access to cutting-edge technology. 

Our platforms have transformed reseller relations and contributed to a significant increase in new business wins. We achieve this through our hugely successful solutions and technology-based email marketing tools and technology channel marketing processes that deliver across the whole sales cycle for everyone involved, especially IT resellers and customers, which include small businesses across the UK. 

One of these is Catalyst. Our flexible automated marketing platform provides the technology for our partners – principally Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and resellers – to automatically generate leads with targeted, personalised campaigns.

These include targeted audience enrichment, automated scheduling of emails and campaigns, landing pages, and lead capture ready for sales team engagement.

Catalyst is about reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. It also provides us with hugely invaluable data to improve our processes.

Catalyst v2 improves on every aspect of the old Catalyst, thanks to the user feedback we have gathered.

It sees Catalyst rebuilt from the ground up – with deeper reporting functionality, intuitive user interfaces, as well as landing page generation with better customisability, leading to superior lead/demand generation. Catalyst V2 is designed from scratch to support your managed sales promotion strategy and built to be a mainstay in your promotion strategy across the channel.

Take for instance lead enrichment: with Catalyst v2, prospects uploaded by resellers onto the tool can be enriched to include new contacts in similar job titles and industries. Resellers can opt in or out of this service. 

On their dashboard, OEMs and vendors have a bird’s eye view of the revenue generation and success of a campaign. Resellers onboarded on to the campaign can download the leads it generates. They can also report on the progress and sales generated, and allow OEMs to see the success of the send without having to reach out to individual partners. 

Catalyst v2 also includes a reworked back-end to allow for a more responsive and optimised tool. A more powerful email builder means better flexibility with the content, and everything Consenna has done so far translates to a smoother experience for all users on the platform. Your cashback promotion edm has never looked so good!

Above all, Catalyst v2 is the next level of smarter, agile sales enablement. It provides the processes that work and deliver simply, quickly and effectively across the whole sales cycle for everyone involved.

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