Five reasons why incentivising the sales channel works

Consenna recently announced a new partnership with AMD, the US multinational, to allow customers to try its Ryzen™ processor-powered devices before they buy.

Incentivised sales as a technique is not new. Examples range from changing broadband provider or power utility, to goods such as mobile phones, fridges and washing machines.

But in the multi-million pounds world of selling tech through reseller partner channels, try before you buy provides an incredibly important dynamic for sales enablement.

Here are five examples of the difference it provides:

Making the leap

Incentivised purchases draw in potential clients, and provides them with the inspiration to make the leap to becoming customers and buying from computer equipment resellers.

Put simply, incentivised purchases encourage people to try a product, and if it doesn’t suit them, then their experience tells you what they want. This data can be stored and measured when they return so that you consistently meet their tech needs and demands.

Such data can power AI-driven decisions much quicker, meaning you meet their expectations in minutes rather than hours.

For example, with AMD, Consenna’s Catalyst platform automatically delivers a high-impact email campaign direct to prospective customers who register their interest in participating. Once vetted, they gain access to a wide range of AMD Ryzen™ powered products which one of the approved partners then ship direct to the customer.

Customer loyalty

Retaining customers who are pleased with your service is invaluable to your bottom line. In the world of tech, 70 to 80% of business revenue for resellers is from loyal customers.

Your data analysis of their behaviours through their ‘try before you buy’ choices feeds into this relationship in a positive way. Any bumps in the relationship caused by receiving equipment that doesn’t fully meet expectations can be smoothed over during the ‘try before you buy’ period, significantly lessening any negative experience.

At any point during AMD’s 90-day test drive, the customer can choose to purchase or return their device with a purchase decision then activating a notification for the partner to invoice for the goods. This example shows how you can drive customer loyalty.

Get in buyers’ heads

By incentivising the sales process to a specific business goal, you create a win-win situation for both resellers and purchasers. Resellers turn new customers into repeat customers by improving the sales experience to meet their exact needs. They also receive more customer data, providing important intelligence for future sales.

For customers, purchase incentives can push those on the fence into purchasing it for the first time. They feel they are getting a good deal. Even more importantly, they are more willing to pass on valuable data which you may ask for in return for joining any ‘try before you buy’ scheme.

Ongoing incentives then help develop a feeling that there is a good relationship between all parties, as they help shape future products that better suit customer needs.

Seamless incentive program

The ‘try before you buy’ needs to be clear and easy to participate in. For instance, a simple approach of earning points for carrying out certain actions that are part of the sales process can work best.

Once data is gathered through this process, then put it to good use to reach out to survey new potential markets.

Again using the example of AMD, the purchaser is incentivised in a simple way, via cashback, to leave a review of the product (following AMD’s terms and conditions). In the world of the internet most people read reviews and check ratings before committing to a purchase. With ‘try before you buy’, the opportunity to review the experience of their peers is hugely important.

Use data to meet your goals

AMD’s try before you buy serves as a perfect example of the power of Consenna’s Catalyst platform. Catalyst enables AMD’s reseller partners to co-brand pre-created AMD Ryzen™ Test Drive collateral and receive invaluable customer intent data.

This means that partners benefit from high impact marketing campaign materials as well as being empowered with the means to drive demand and generate genuine qualified leads.

Ultimately this incentivisation gives resellers the opportunity to test the power and performance of AMD Ryzen™ processors, which in turn gives them complete confidence in recommending them to other customers.

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