The Evolution of AI: From Buzzword to Essential Tool

The introduction of a ground-breaking innovation such as Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is often accompanied with equal measures of hype, scepticism and fear.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that transformative technologies have the power to redefine our lives.

There is a perfect historical example of this: electricity. Initially introduced as a breakthrough in lighting, replacing gas lamps and open flames, it has now become the cornerstone of our modern society.

But in the early days, everything that used electricity was deemed ‘electrical’. Yet, as time elapsed and electricity became omnipresent, the tag has been dropped. We no longer mention electricity when we use the plethora of electrical appliances that power our lives each and every day.

In a similar vein, AI stands on the cusp of a comparable transformation. At Consenna, as a partner services agency, where we help tech brands grow business through their reseller channels, we see AI not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end.

In our case, this involves the enhancing of user experiences with tools that require little or no training.

Our aim is not to replace human effort but to amplify it. The natural language capabilities of the latest AI technologies present an exciting opportunity to realise this aim.

With our soon-to-be released AI-powered tools, our aim is to help reseller salespeople to enhance their engagement with customers, discover their needs, and offer well informed recommendations.

No longer will salespeople have to spend unnecessary amounts of time researching product features and specifications. Instead, they will be able to focus more on what truly matters: offering unparalleled customer service, driving sales growth, and securing a competitive edge.

It is natural to fear that AI’s rapid advancement might threaten human roles. However, our mission is not replacement, but enhancement. As we approach the launch of our AI-powered products in 2024, we see them as tools to increase efficiency and improve customer service.

Just as the world transitioned from the novelty of electrical appliances in the home to seeing them power everyday essentials of modern living – from our phones and computers to electric cars and batteries – we predict a similar path for AI.

In its nascent stages, the emphasis might remain on the AI aspect, creating a buzz around “AI-powered” tools. But as these tools rapidly become integral to our daily tasks, the emphasis will shift from the technology behind them to their utility. They’ll simply be seen as tools to help improve the quality of our lives.

As we rapidly approach 2024, at Consenna we are ready to guide our tech brands and their reseller partners into this transformative era, where AI tools become as common as any electrically-powered device and utility.

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