Does the IT industry need to do more with less in 2023?

Paul Thompson, Consenna

There is a global recession and downturn. This is having a knock-on effect in the IT industry to jobs, investment levels and costs. Return on investment is going to be more important in 2023 than ever before. I believe this is going to be the year of ‘doing more with less.’

Costs are going up; budgets are being squeezed; and we’re all being required to get even more creative with how and where we spend precious funds.

This is no less the case in the IT channel and whilst it may go largely unspoken, the simple reality is that the alliance funding received by vendors has reduced – in most cases, at least.  That means they’re having to do more with less and it has a knock-on effect for all partners throughout the channel.

The push to remote working increased demand significantly and created a healthy level of funding to support the sales and marketing efforts of the channel.  However, as we enter 2023 there is a greater focus on ROI, budgets are being reduced, there’s a need to squeeze additional value out of every penny and clearly demonstrate how investments turn in to incremental revenue.

This can be very challenging especially as customers start to spend less and we’re working pro-actively across a number of specific initiatives that can really help to ‘do more with less.’ Some of these activities include looking at:

  • how to leverage data and analytics quickly and decisively to select the best activities to drive revenue contribution,
  • how to plan to succeed by prioritising ROI generative activities correctly,
  • how to invest more limited discount funds for the maximum sell-out return, and
  • how to create an optimised pricing strategy for a downturn market.


Consenna’s mission is to deliver value throughout the channel. That mission is now more important than ever. We have the experience, the knowledge and importantly the tools to support partners throughout the channel to quite simply ‘do more with less’ and over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about how we can do this.

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