Consenna success story: Brighter Futures in association with HP

Across the UK, head teachers in charge of all schools face two pressing issues: How to use their limited budget to access the best technology for their classrooms that drives excellence in education, and providing education in a carbon neutral, sustainable way.

For the past two years, Consenna has devised and run a successful programme that provides the ideal solution to both. It’s called Brighter Futures in association with HP.

Brighter Futures aims to boost access to technology in schools by giving them access to purchase the best educationally appropriate equipment from HP, while also giving them an effective, responsible way of recycling old devices.

It also offers schools great trade-in rewards, helping them to stretch their budgets further when they trade in their old tech, so they can purchase more for their money and improve outcomes for more students.

And as schools look to cut their carbon footprint and help the fight against climate change, Brighter Futures recycles old technology, preventing it clogging up our landfill sites – a huge issue in our 21st century device-driven world.

Thanks to this twin approach, Brighter Futures has taken off. In its two years of existence, the programme has been delivered in partnership with 40 of HP’s key reseller partners, and helped 635 schools recycling or reuse 23,500 devices.

In doing so, Brighter Futures put almost £2.5m back into head teachers’ budgets for new equipment, and also offset 10 million kilogrammes of Co2.

This success with Brighter Futures has led to Consenna being shortlisted in this year’s CRN Sustainability in Tech Awards in London, as a Sustainability champion – Distributor/channel services provider category finalist.

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Carbon offsetting

Brighter Futures was previously known as HP for Education. Thanks to Consenna, it has been updated and expanded, with new features such as carbon offsetting introduced.

Brighter Futures has partnered up with Forest Carbon which has used the Carbon Credit investments generated by the programme to support a number of restoration initiatives, including Toms Wood in Yorkshire, Games Hope Loch peatland, Lowther Estate in Cumbria, and the Great Caledonian Forest – one of Scotland’s most ancient and historic woodlands – in Glenorchy, Argyll.

Consenna has also extended the trade-in programme to the schools’ local communities so they can donate old devices, further boosting the potential value available to spend on new equipment, and generating more Carbon Credit investments for woodland regeneration.


Consenna’s Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures is not only a huge success story for schools, but also for Consenna. It is a story of how to bring visions to life, working with HP to deliver the ideal programme through partnership, innovation and sustainability.

Brighter Futures embodies our approach as a partner services agency. The addition of carbon offsetting shows how Consenna designs, develops, and continually refines projects with its big tech brand clients and reseller partners.

Consenna’s collaboration with HP began with a deep understanding of what they aspire to achieve: supporting learning outcomes in schools, promoting recycling and sustainability, and driving market share and brand equity, and establishing clear objectives.

Every successful programme also must recognised what is wanted by its audience – in this case teachers, students, and parents. Understanding their unique challenges and needs allowed Consenna to help HP tailor their value proposition to balance trade-in cash backs, sustainability benefits, and tangible educational advantages.

User-friendly programme

The result was Consenna developing a new user-friendly portal to provide schools with a more efficient way to submit their trade-in cash back claims. Consenna’s team then took the reins to ensure a seamless experience, from the initial submission on the portal, responsible recycling of devices, and efficient settlement of claims all while coordinating the efforts of our accredited IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) partner.

But a programme’s success is not only its launch, but also its evolution. Consenna regularly manages, reports and suggests improvements. It handles everything from claim validations and support for customers and reseller partners.

It also provides the tools, experience and skills to provide onboarding support, dedicated reseller support, co-branded marketing, telemarketing co-selling of the programme with resellers and educational establishments, partner web-site audits and content creation for the participating resellers websites, and on-demand training with digital guides and walkthroughs.

All this has and continues to ensure Brighter Futures is a long-term force for change in the education sector.

Brighter Futures in association with HP epitomises Consenna’s philosophy as a partner services agency.

Consenna’s role is not just about planning or implementing, but crafting a reseller and end-user experience of lasting impact, making a huge difference for schools when it comes to achieving educational excellence within budgetary constraints – as well as saving our planet.

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Douglas Jeffrey is chairman of Consenna, which he founded in 2009. The Scottish company is a partner services agency that helps global IT companies such as HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Dell grow business through their reseller channels. If you are interested in learning more email us by clicking below.

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