Our Technology

Streamline your through-partner marketing and sales efforts with our technology and tools.

Technology to take you further, faster.

Rapid development

Deploy powerful technology to get your partner campaigns to market quickly with the agility to respond to changing market conditions.

ease of customisation

Enable your partners to broaden market reach with personalised offers and deliver a superior customer experience for your brand.

data insights

Take advantage of real-time analytics to measure the effectiveness of your sales campaigns and provide insights to continuously improve performance.

Our through-partner marketing automation tool.

Enable close collaboration with your reseller partners to generate leads for your brand offerings. Our platform streamlines the sales process from target audience enrichment, automated distribution of personalised emails, landing pages, and lead capture ready for sales team engagement. Partner identity is added to create a compelling joint value proposition whilst providing consistent brand experience.

Our asset marketplace tool.

Proton allows you to share pre-approved campaign assets, templates, sales guides and tools that your channel partners sales teams can co-brand and personalise for use in their sales engagements. This helps you provide a consistent brand experience to your end customers whilst enabling your partners to personalise a solution to each customer. It not only saves time and resources but also ensures that partners use the latest and most effective marketing and sales materials.

Our guided selling tool.

Ion combines rapid development techniques and interactive content creation to create tools that enable salespeople to engage their prospects and bring your value proposition to life. Advanced algorithms help uncover prospect needs, make sound product recommendations, and communicate the unique value your brand offers, delivering a heavily personalised and bespoke solution to the prospect. By implementing Ion with your partner sales teams, we help you convert more leads to pipeline.

Our sales promotion platform.

Our platform enables you to release end user promotions as quickly as adapting pricing, by providing promotion landing pages and dashboards that your end customers visit to learn about the promotion and submit/track their claims. Spark provides a choice of ready to run promotions that we adapt to your promotional offer and marketing message. We do all the heavy lifting so your reseller partners can focus on sales conversion and are not burdened with the admin of offer redemption.

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Technology benefits.

Our technology can help you increase sales through your indirect partner channels. Check out some of the ways you could benefit:

Automate tasks such as lead generation, nurturing and sales conversion and free up time for you and your partners to focus on business growth.

Readily share marketing assets and resources with your partners, making it easier for them to sell your products and services.

Reseller partners can improve their sales process and close more deals using reliable guided selling tools and techniques.

With our lead generation and nurturing tools, you can create personalised, targeted campaigns to help you and your partners build closer relationships with customers.

Automation and analytics capabilities create more efficient resource allocation and more accurate ROI tracking.

Gain market intelligence by tracking customer interactions and gathering insights on customer and partner behaviour.

Take advantage of real-time analytics to track and measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and shape more incisive marketing with data-driven insights.

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