Boosting sales enablement via proactive customer service

Ann-Marie Kelly, Customer Service Manager, Consenna 

Whilst at its heart, sales enablement is focused on equipping a sales team with every imaginable mode of support, guidance and practical tools so that it increases the number of sales it secures, this is actually only part of the equation and as with every workable equation, it needs to balance out.  Here, first-class and proactive customer service is vital.

Securing sales is, of course, vital for commercial success but securing continued and repeat sales relies heavily on strong customer service.  Simply, if a purchaser does not feel valued or if they experience less than satisfactory service from the vendor then a repeat purchase or recommendation to another potential purchaser becomes increasingly less likely.

But what does this level of customer service look like?

First off, it’s all about being proactive.  By taking the front foot issues can be pre-empted, roadblocks anticipated, and pain points avoided.  Ultimately, any issues that could turn a relationship sour, are mitigated.  From a sales enablement perspective,  this supports the sales team in achieving an easier route to market. 

Here, real-time data gathering is vital.  It allows you to quickly pivot and make changes to the processes in place should indications point towards that being necessary.  It also allows you to track and monitor trends and respond in a timely manner to potentially shifting priorities.  

By taking this approach, you’ll not only improve the customer experience but, in doing so, you’ll be supporting the overall sales enablement effort.

But that’s not all.  Proactive customer service should present itself via the way it communicates with the consumer.  Here, individualised, organic marketing is key.  Consumers are, after all, more responsive to tailored approaches as they want to feel valued rather than a purely anonymous commercial transaction.  Doing this successfully will boost customer retention and, as such, once again support the sales enablement effort.
If you’re looking at your approach to sales enablement you should ask yourself first off if your approach to customer service and the customer experience is as strong as it possibly can be.  If it’s not then you might want to speak with the team at Consenna.

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