When time is of the essence – what an OEM must consider before proceeding with a B2B IT promotion

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Simon Yates


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We recently looked at how promotions DO have a role to play in the B2B IT sector, but in a markedly different way to those that we encounter as consumers.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]We firmly believe, and have the experience to prove, that the right promotion at the right time CAN add value to OEMs within B2B IT and that the term ‘promotion’ doesn’t need to signal a devaluing of a product or a brand.  Unlike some promotions within the FMCG market, a B2B IT promotion will be anything but ‘gimmicky’, however there are some key considerations that any OEM operating within the B2B market must bear in mind in order to enjoy a positive and value-enhancing promotion.

First off, ask yourself what it is you’re seeking to achieve by running a promotion; who you are seeking to engage; and what problem it will solve for you.

Importantly, these considerations need to be set against a backdrop of time and it’s here that so many falter – more of that in a while…

Whilst in B2B promotions we can assume the target market is commercial, that is a very wide playing field and the needs of SMBs vs mid-market companies vs large enterprise customers could vary enormously making it unlikely that a single promotional mechanism will work across all.

Mapped against this, is the rationale for the promotion in the first instance: new customer attraction; increased market share; tactical or seasonal timings; the desire to increase sell out volumes; the quick movement of excess or old stock; the promotion of new stock; or maybe as a means of supporting sustainability credentials… the list goes on and each will provide an added element of consideration in the due diligence of making a promotion successful.

With the desire to proceed with a promotion cemented, there’ll be questions of product choice, customer service requirement, marketing support, build requirements for a dedicated portal (if appropriate), practical and financial logistics and, of course, the overall cost of the promotion.

With all these considerations floating around, you’ll soon realise that a promotion isn’t simply a promotion.  It is a detailed matrix of questions, considerations and ultimately mechanisms.

And it’s here that we return to the issue of time that we mentioned before.

All too often, the biggest impact on choice in the promotional space is the speed at which you need to react and roll out a campaign.  Defaulting to the same activities and promotional types is common due to a perceived lack of time.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

This ‘lack of time’ can be to either understand complex agency pricing models, or to navigate around seemingly intricate ‘consulting’ services that mean little to the vendor.  A perceived lack of time can also be linked to past experience where the mechanism to deliver a promotion has simply been far too slow to get built and enabled within the market.  Long, protracted build and launch timeframes equal high costs and no vendor wants this.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Thankfully for any OEM considering a B2B IT promotion, the team at Consenna has unrivalled experience of delivering successful, value-adding promotions to a wide range of vendors and has the market’s strongest network of relationships throughout the IT Channel.  Not only that, but our experience equips us to respond rapidly, and a promotional campaign can be built within two weeks, rather than two months.

So, whatever your reason for considering a promotion, don’t let perceived time (or lack of) unduly influence your decision-making process.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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