Not all resellers are born equal – that must be recognised

They say time flies when you’re having fun and here I am, six months into my career at Consenna and it feels like a lifetime already – all in a good way, of course!


Just after I joined, I reflected in my first blog post on how I thought I knew the channel – I had, after all, spent almost three years at one of the UK’s largest resellers, surely there wasn’t much I didn’t know!!  I soon realised that by joining the jolly ranks of Consenna I was surrounded by a team that REALLY knows the channel – their connections across vendors and OEMs, the range of programmes that they’ve devised and delivered, the sheer depth and breadth of their relationships at all levels of the channel – this is a team like no other!

So, what’s changed six months on?  Well, whilst I’m often still in awe of the team around me, I’m also very much at home and the work I’m involved in on a day-to-day basis has led me to reflect on something else – just how little I previously knew of the reseller community.

In all honesty, I’d been in an ‘XMA bubble’.  I knew what it was like to work for XMA, and I’d very much enjoyed the experience, but did I really know what it was like at other resellers; what their strengths and weaknesses are; the challenges they each encounter?  No, not in the slightest!

Today, my role at Consenna exposes me to a wide range of resellers.  I can’t profess to know them all and I still don’t know all the pinch points that they experience, but my viewpoint into the UK reseller community as widened beyond all measure and continues to every day!

And what strikes me above all else is that whilst it’s so easy to see all resellers as exactly that ‘resellers’, they cover such a myriad of sizes, focuses and specialisms.  They’re all so different, yet they’re often all working to deliver the same vendor programmes – as if they’re the same.  They’re not!

Recognising these differences and equipping those resellers, whatever their size and staff resource may look like, to compete on a level playing field is vital.  And I’m pleased to report that Consenna has not only recognised this, but we’re once again shaking up the channel to drive positive change.. watch this space to find out more!

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