Making sustainability more than just a tick in the corporate box

When I moved to the UK over 21 years ago, I was in awe the first time I saw real snow. This magical, glistening, and yes very cold substance was something that I’d only previously seen in the movies but, to be fair, I’d moved from Nigeria in Africa to Scotland – it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise! Fast forward to today, though, and my son who will soon be 3 is yet to see snow on the same scale – I sometimes wonder if he ever will.


It’s easy to put climatic changes down to ‘global warming’, but too often we use this phrase without a second thought as if it’s simply happening.  Thankfully, awareness of the causes, consequences and action that must be taken is increasing all the time but it’s not always quick enough.

Having grown from the youngster in awe of the snow into an IT Project Manager, I now see things differently.  Sadly, there are still some businesses placing a tick box next to sustainability.  Once their green policy has been drafted, their distant goals for carbon reduction set, their job is seemingly done.  It’s not – especially if they’re operating in the IT sector which contributes 5% of all carbon emissions globally.

I knew when I joined Consenna that the team was passionate about changing this.  I wasn’t aware of just HOW passionate they are!  It’s easy to assume that it will be the major players in IT who are leading the way in driving change, yet here I am in a dynamic, but relatively small team in Scotland and it’s disrupting the IT channel in a way not previously seen.Consenna Carbon equips resellers with an arsenal of sustainability-relevant marketing materials that will not only upskill their own teams but enable those teams to become ambassadors to raise awareness of the green choices that can – and should – be made in IT purchasing.

This is a big deal, and it will make a big difference, but it’s vital that we all get on board to ensure that the sustainability message spreads with the speed needed to make a difference.  And that’s why, just a month into my career at Consenna, I’ve already taken up the challenge to become a ‘Carbon Ambassador”.  It may be unclear when I’ll next see deep drifts of snow, but at least I now know my carbon offsetting from energy consumption and e-waste from greenwash – do you?

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