Adding value, not taking it away – the role of promotions in the B2B IT market

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Mary Parrish

Project Lead

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]The days of twice-yearly high street sales feel like a lifetime ago.  As consumers, we’ve evolved in to promotional junkies and barely a day goes by when we’re not enticed with one offer or another.  Indeed, when in the purchasing zone if an offer or discount code doesn’t present itself, the chances are we go looking for one.  Underlining this, is the belief that if an offer is so regularly available, then the ‘full price’ is clearly an inflated value.  Over the last decade promotions have become so expected that around 50% of all grocery products are sold this way.

In the consumer field, promotions are used to create brand stand-out and in doing so, they entice the purchaser to opt for one brand over the other.  It’s rare that such offers include an added extra, they’re purely price driven.  As such, questions are raised regarding the sustainability of consumer promotions and how to successfully get out of what can feel like a never-ending promotional cycle.

Thankfully, things are different within B2B IT.

Of course, investing in IT equipment isn’t a regular occurrence in comparison to purchasing the weekly groceries.  Nor do OEMs within the IT sector wish to risk devaluing their product in a discounting war.  That doesn’t mean, however, that promotions don’t have a significant role to play within the market and whilst the number of promotions within B2B IT and the % sold on deal is significantly less than the FMCG space, it is a growing area.

Indeed, OEMs and their partners within the channel can use promotions to add value, not de-value.

The team at Consenna has unrivalled experience working across the IT channel on promotions and consequently appreciates the myriad of drivers that may be behind employing this route to market.

So, whether you’re looking to drive sales, promote or test a new product, increase customer loyalty, address issues of sustainability, or are considering a promotion for some other reason, we know how to approach these in a way that will ADD value to your product and brand, not reduce it.

We know how to avoid the promotional pitfalls experienced by other industries; we appreciate the optimal percentage of promotional sales for the channel; and we are experienced in measuring the value to be derived from the right promotion at the right time.

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